Happy 85th Birthday, Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

First appearance: Steamboat Willie (November 18, 1928)


This is incredibly fun!!!

"Under the Sea" by The Bottle Boys

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The voice actors who bring Disney villains to life.


Anna and Elsa from Frozen

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Some more Disney pin up girls

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disney pin up girls

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Title: Once Upon A Dream (Rare Version)

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Remembering Walt

Some of you had no idea Disney was planning on taking away Guest Assistance Cards




Here’s the source

A brief synopsis 

  • GAC will now be called DAS “Disabled Assistance System”
  • Guests will no longer be able to just walk up to an attraction. Based on the wait time of a ride, the greeter will subtract the current wait time by 15 minutes and asks the guest to return later. For example, if an attraction is a 60 minute wait, the cast member writes on their DAS card to return in 45 minutes to get access to the attraction
  • DAS will be issued one day at a time, unlike the GAC system where you could have it weeks at a time.
  • A digital photo of the DAS holder will be on the card
  • DAS will begin October 11th


(above is an example of the GAC issued at Disneyland)

Make a Wish children will have special passes that give them instant access to any attraction of their choice. Yayy

This is why we can’t have nice things. Blame the guests who abuse it.

Imagine me steepling my hands and frowning, because that’s happening.
This makes sense but has a lot of problematic aspects? I’m not sure I like that it /needs/ a picture ID. I think that could cause issues.

Also, person first language needs to be a thing. A Guest Assistance card sounds far more person first than disabled assistance system.

I don’t know. I really just don’t know. I can forsee this getting troublesome.

I absolutely love this. I’m sure there will be a few kinks to iron out, but at base, I think DAS will be a great replacement of the much-abused GAC program.

I should correct, though, that it won’t be cast members at attractions giving return times — at least at the Disneyland Resort. There will be kiosks where Guest Relations cast members will issue the return times after looking up the current wait time.

The reason for subtracting 10-15 minutes from the wait time is so that these guests don’t end up waiting longer than other guests because of the time needed to walk to/from the kiosks.

The reason for the photo is that so many guests with GACs were sharing their card and/or using the card to get able-bodied friends and family past the line, then the person with the actual need for accommodation wasn’t even riding at all. Now, if the person whose photo is on the card is not riding, the rest of the group will not be able to jump ahead of everyone else.

In case there is confusion, I’ll clarify that the guest is not being required to present a photo ID to get the card. When they get the card at Duest Relations, a photo will be taken of them and printed directly on the card itself for the purpose of making sure they are the ones using the card.

The first day is actually October 9th. The 11th is mentioned at the source as “the real day to watch,” because it will be the first busy Friday after the system debuts.

It still allows guests who, for whatever reason, cannot wait in the regular queue to bypass it. They can even have a snack, walk around, or even ride other attractions with shorter wait times while waiting for their return time. They can even get a regular fastpass for another attraction to supplement their DAS experience. The difference is that DAS will no longer be the “unlimited fastpass for as many attractions as you can get to, as often as you can get to them” that it was before.

It still offers accommodation for special needs, while making it harder to abuse the system. And with four locations to get return passes, cast members will be able to notice things like groups where every member gets their own DAS card to circumvent the “one attraction at a time” rule.

I am a huge fan, however, of Make A Wish’s exemption. And those passes won’t be handed out by Disney, Make A Wish will be the ones handing those special lanyards out. So no matter how much a guest complains, they won’t be able to get one.

I can understand why people who were able to bypass every line every time may not like this, but it seems to me that this is a very fair system.


Cancelling House of Mouse and closing VMK are two of the worst things that the Walt Disney Company has done in the history of ever.


cutest Disneybound ever? Yes.

I don’t know who they are but I stood behind them to meet Donald in Mexico and they were just so spot on. Then you could hear commotion and there they were dancing with the band. Just so great! I imagine they dressed up for MNSSHP that night and they definitely win as one of the best dressed in my book!

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